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EZ Exit Card

Load inmate's remaining account funds on a debit card Learn more

EZ Release Kiosk

Allow individual to bail themselves using a credit card Learn more

EZ Money Load Kiosk

Family can give an inmate funds using our kiosk Learn more

EZ Booking Kiosk

Deposit funds from newly booked inmates into EZ's booking kiosk Learn more

EZ Work Release Kiosk

Pay inmate work release fees with EZ's work release kiosk Learn more

ATM Service

We can put an ATM in your jail's lobby Learn more


EZ Work Release

Just a few of the benefits of the EZ Work Release Kiosk

  • Self service kiosk in lobby and booking room
  • Zero cost to the jail facility
  • Use our secure website to pay from home
  • Kiosk accepts cash, debit or credit cards
  • Instant online reporting
  • Saves the jail time and money
  • Contact us to learn more
Pay work release fees with cash or credit from our self service kiosk or online from our website
EZ Money Load Self Service Kiosk

EZ Card & Kiosk (with zero cost to the jail) will install a self service kiosk in the lobby and booking department of your jail. Inmates eligible for work release can pay their work release fees by utilizing one of our EZ Work Release self service kiosks available in your jail lobby or booking room. Family members can also use the kiosk to pay an inmate's work release fees or use our secure website to do the same from the comfort of their own home.

Our self service EZ Work Release kiosks allows for the easy payment of an inmate's work release fees using a credit card or cash. In many jails an inmate or family member can only use cash or a money order that must be handled and accounted for by a jail staff person. Our self service kiosk counts and vaults the cash for you so you don't have to.

When the credit card is authorized or the cash has been inserted the kiosk will print a wallet sized receipt as proof of the work release payment transaction. The jail can use the real-time reports on our website to verify the work release payment transaction. EZ Card & Kiosk guarantees those funds as soon as they appear on our real-time report.

Receipts can be reprinted from our website by the jail at a later date. In the case of an online work release payment from our website a copy of the receipt will be automatically emailed to the customer's supplied email address.

The only requirements to a jail wanting to use our self service kiosk is a high-speed internet line (cable or DSL) and an electrical outlet.