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EZ Exit Card

Load inmate's remaining account funds on a debit card Learn more

EZ Release Kiosk

Allow individual to bail themselves using a credit card Learn more

EZ Money Load Kiosk

Family can give an inmate funds using our kiosk Learn more

EZ Booking Kiosk

Deposit funds from newly booked inmates into EZ's booking kiosk Learn more

EZ Work Release Kiosk

Pay inmate work release fees with EZ's work release kiosk Learn more

ATM Service

We can put an ATM in your jail's lobby Learn more


Jail ATM Service

Just a few of the benefits of the EZ Exit Card

  • Trust account finalized at time of release
  • No monthly reconciliation
  • Reduce check fraud
  • Funds posted on card are immediately available
  • Saves jail time and money
  • Real time reporting using web interface
  • Contact us to learn more
Place an ATM in your jail lobby

Upon release, jail facilities turn over the inmate’s account balance to the inmate by preparing a facility check. Jail manpower is required to prepare the check and to keep track of the many un-cashed checks as part of the monthly bank account reconciliation. Many checks are never cashed either because of the small amount of the check or the fact that the check has the jail logo on it. Under many State escheat laws, any un-claimed funds are turned over to the State government. This process puts a tremendous manpower burden on all levels of your jail.

EZ’s solution is to offer your jail the ability to load inmate account funds onto a pin based debit card. Upon leaving the jail, the inmate’s remaining funds in his account will be transferred to a card by a jail staff person using our web based interface. At the end of the day, jail personnel will be able to view and print out a summary of the funds loaded for that day. The card holder can access his funds via any of the over 900,000 ATM’s located in the US or via a pin based POS (point of sale) transaction in a retail establishment.

EZ can supply jail ATM services so inmates have access to money immediately after being released with EZ's exit card.