Our Services

EZ Exit Card

Load inmate's remaining account funds on a debit card Learn more

EZ Release Kiosk

Allow individual to bail themselves using a credit card Learn more

EZ Money Load Kiosk

Family can give an inmate funds using our kiosk Learn more

EZ Booking Kiosk

Deposit funds from newly booked inmates into EZ's booking kiosk Learn more

EZ Work Release Kiosk

Pay inmate work release fees with EZ's work release kiosk Learn more

ATM Service

We can put an ATM in your jail's lobby Learn more


Take your jail facility cashless

Just a few of the benefits of our services

  • Reduce paper checks and other archaic systems
  • Reduce staffing needs and lower overhead
  • Real-time web-based reporting and management
  • Self service kiosk for posting funds to trust accounts
  • Website for posting funds to trust accounts
  • Kiosks accept cash and credit card payments
  • Contact us to learn more
The industry leader in providing self service kiosks and financial services to the jails industry

EZ Card & Kiosk provides financial products and services to a growing jail facilities industry. Our services will allow your jail to stop writing checks to released inmates upon release. Utilizing our debit card platform your jail can load inmate's money leaving the jail to a debit card via a simple internet connection.

EZ also offers a solution to the current archaic system of the loading of funds to the inmate’s trust accounts on site as well as remotely. EZ also has a solution for jail fine payments and the bailing out process. EZ will deliver ATM debit cards for the processing out of inmates as well as self service kiosks in the jail lobby to handle the loading of funds to inmates trust accounts and the funds for the bailing out process. Our services have benefits to the jail and the inmates (see details below).


  • We make it easier for family members to load money on an inmate's account
  • Language Barrier / No Problem
  • 12 to 15 Million Households in the U.S. are unbanked which equals 20% of the U.S. Population
  • Access Money at over 900,000 ATM Worldwide
  • Card can be used to pay bills online, over the phone, or at payment centers
  • Utilize card for bill pay
  • Purchase a second card for a family member and move money through the ATM system


  • Self service kiosks make it easy to load money on an inmate's account or post bail right from the jail lobby
  • Save time and gas by using our website to load money on an inmate's account or post bail right from your home
  • Kiosks in English and Spanish
  • Pay with cash or credit from any of our easy to use self service kiosks


  • No more checks issued to inmates upon release. Simply load inmates remaining funds directly onto the inmates debit card via our website
  • Conservative estimates state paper checks cost jail facilities $1.35 per check. NILSON REPORT
  • More than 4 million checks are lost each year. AMERICAN PAYROLL ASSOCIATION
  • Lost checks cost about $12 per check. AMERICAN PAYROLL ASSOCIATION
  • Extra time for staff members to perform other duties which saves the jail money
  • Helping inmates get a fresh start with a prepaid debit card
  • Help re-integrate inmates into society
  • Revenue sharing possibilities